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Videos I produced for Condé Nast Entertainment's women's video site, Iris. 

(There are a couple in this player from Paper, too, including a very strange video we made with James Franco in partnership with Google Hangouts.)


I'm proud of the work I made for Iris, and saw the brand as a way to reach a more-diverse millennial female and queer audience via a different perspective. 


We did not work with the celebrities, do makeup tutorials or fancy home tours, but instead told the stories of women that we felt weren't being told via socially-optimized videos. That's it. This strategy led to 2700% growth in six months, and Iris became the most-engaged Facebook brand at Condé Nast.

I directed, produced or story-edited the videos I've included below, which brought more than 100M views across Iris' channels alone.

Videos I've made
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