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Elizabeth Thompson has worked in media for over a decade, starting her career as associate editor of the Village Voice. She went on to Paper magazine, where she served as Executive Editor, and, later, to Condé Nast, writing and producing short documentaries and video profiles. She currently works in TV and film development for Union Editorial , oversees content and podcasts for financial events company Spark Network, and co-hosts the podcast Tell Me About Your Father, inspired by her late dad. She has contributed to New York and Glamour magazine and also has experience writing about finance and corporate governance. (Talk about niche.) She lives in Brooklyn but her heart belongs to the desert and mountains of her home state, Arizona. 

Also! "Why 'Biz' Thompson?" Since there are so many Elizabeth Thompsons in the world, my site's URL is a play on my nickname from childhood, Biz, or Bizzy— short for "Bizzybeth." This Elizabeth Thompson wishes the Elizabeth Thompson who owns Elizabeth Thompson dot com - and her realty company in Northern California - nothing but the best. 

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